simple Wedding

Vicki’s Wedding, Stylist: Anna Tumas, Carrara Collection, Ph: James Hart and Josh Sycomore

Culture, countries and traditions may differ one from the other but top class elegance and style are not confined to borders. Indeed, another young bride, this time coming from the United Kingdom, precisely from West Sussex, has chosen one of our creations to crown her dream of love. Without any doubt the perfect gown for a simple but elegant wedding with a touch of British style.

Simplicity goes well with everything

The Anna Tumas style distinguishes itself not only due to the high quality of artisan production, all creations are rigorously hand-made, but even more because of the versatility of the creations, which are the highest expression of femininity in all its manifold  shades.

The gown our Vicki fell in love with belongs to the Bridal Collection Carrara, which is the essence of sophistication realized with a pure-white magic of georgette, cady, organza, Chantilly lace and tulle. A long gown with flowing lines enriched with a frontally embroidered bodice with particular flower design, at the same time highly sensual by a daring décolletage on the back. The addition of a light veil above soft down flowing hair gave the bride that touch of extreme simplicity and naturalness which made her utterly enchanting and underlined her natural beauty.

simple wedding

Vicki’s Wedding, Stylist: Anna Tumas, Carrara Collection, Ph: James Hart and Josh Sycomore

Colours is style!

Vicky and Kieran’s wedding showed all the typical characteristics of  British style, which has always been a synonym for fashion trends. The focus on the choice of the colours , from the classical bridal white to blue navy for the groom and dove-grey for the bride-maids surely enhanced the event in a really particular way not to speak of the location, very country with a wide outdoor area and decorated with delicate white roses and gypsophila.

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