The Stylist

My love for art, particularly painting, has played a decisive role in my life’s choices. Decisive choices that made me want to express myself in the high fashion field and move to Rome.

In Rome I got a diploma at the “Ida Ferri” School of fashion, where I started cooperating with a number of stylists, ‘till 1998 when I decided to fly with my own wings.

I opened my own atelier in Rome, and soon my collections were asked to show in the most well-known locations (prestigious buildings) in Rome.

Today, brides from all over the world wear my gowns, gowns always permeated with a romantic and lovely style.

My bride

I am with the bride during the whole process of deciding and choosing what’s best for her not only for what concerns the bridal gown but for all the accessories as well. A mix of artisan work and modern and lively ideas result in a precious and lovely look for the bride that wants to exalt her womanliness with charm and elegance.

We prepare a cloth fitting with the bride’s size, so that we can make the necessary adjustment before we cut the precious fabric which will become a “dream to wear” with all the perfect finishing required.

On a light and comfortable bustier, my bride is covered with soft and fine silk fabric as chiffon georgette, cady and organdie, perfect for a lively and precious look……. In a word: womanliness.

Sophisticated and lovely, like the people that wear them, my creation are up to date and fit for the ceremony.

With the help of the best wedding planners, the most valued bridal hairstylists, I am able to have the bride reach the look she wishes, bouquet included!

Anna Tumas

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